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Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

LNMC Invites Application for

Admissions of Overseas Applicants MBBS 2018 - 19

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

Professional Development Program
Saturday, 15th December, 2018

For information & registration:
Contact: Ms Faiza Ambreen

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

American Heart Association Certified Courses
on Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

For Registration contact RSDC office:
021-34412437, 021-34412697

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

Admissions open for Medical Technologist

For information and queries contact:
021-34412022, 2005

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

8th Canadian Clinical Research Certificate Course

CCRP Prospectus

Registration Form

Contact: +92-213-5880782

Liaquat National Hospital And Medical College

Department of Health Care Education

Professional Development Program
November - December 2018

Click here for Registration Form

For further information & Registration:

Ms. Faiza Ambreen

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Liaquat National Hospital

Liaquat National Medical College

Department of Accident & Emergency

The Emergency Department of LNH is one of the busiest departments of its kind in the city which runs round the clock to provide health care services to the people at the time of need. Round the clock coverage is provided by trained and qualified Senior ER Doctors along with their teams, who deal with approximately more than 100 patients per day, including Level-4-Trauma, Burns, Medical, Surgical and Pediatric emergencies. Currently the department has 29 beds including peads beds; this can be doubled in the time of disaster or any unusual state. The Emergency Department renders its services in any disastrous situation in the city for the prompt treatment to the injured and the citizens rely on it.
In case of an Emergency; please call: 021-4412245, 021-4412445


LNH Emergency department is unique for its one window operation & availability of services under one roof. It has an in house radiology unit, a pharmacy, a lab counter and a C.O.T (for minor procedures) and an ER OPD.

In-House Radiology Unit
Inside ER, where all commonly required X-Rays is done.

Where all kinds of emergency drugs are available

Lab Counter
Where trained phlebotomist takes the sample & dispatch to lab.

Run by ER Consultants to fasten the process of patient evaluation and attend patients promptly with simpler ailments

Where all kind of dressings, sutures, burn patients, Back Slabs, POPs are applied to patients and minor surgical procedures coming in ER and referred from OPDs

The department is well equipped with all kinds of life saving equipment, like Defibrillator, Mobile Ventilators, and External Pace Maker etc.





The ER is divided into 05 bays, Acute Bay, Chest Pain Bay, Male Observational Bay, Female Observational Bay and Peads Bay

The ER is divided into 05 bays, Acute Bay, Chest Pain Bay, Male Observational Bay, Female Observational Bay and Peads Bay

Acute Bay
Where the acute medical and surgical emergencies and trauma cases are treated

Chest Pain Bay
Where all chest pains are dealt

Male & Female Bays
Where the patients are placed for treatment and observation (for few hours)

Paeds Bay
Where children of age 12 and below are dealt

Waiting Area
We have a huge, comfortable fully air conditioned waiting area with a digital electronic call system through which patients are being called in and seen in the ER department.

System Running through ER
After initial management we send the investigation and patient is kept for observation along with the required treatment. We refer the patient to specialty if required and get an expert opinion. Upon receiving the lab reports, the decision for admission or discharge is taken.

ER Staff and Technology:
The ER department is staffed by fully qualified and trained doctors, nurses, X-ray, and ECG technician. In the department we are able to rule in / out heart attacks in a very short period of time via a specialized kit which can read cardiac enzymes in matter of minutes in patients presenting to us with acute chest pain. Available technology and facilities are focused on constant improvement and adherence to exceeding worldwide medical standards. To meet the needs of both its patients and staff, the department is committed to continually evaluating and acquiring the most advanced equipment available with Skills and Technology.

ER Faculty:
This includes a balanced combination of competent surgical and medical team of doctors with diversified skills and expertise in saving the life of all trauma and emergency victims and any medical and cardiac emergencies.

Length of stay:
Our aim is to mobilize the patient from ER as soon as possible, but at times, the patient needs comprehensive evaluation and multiple referrals. In such situation the patient has to stay as in ER for few hours after which the decision of admission or discharge is made.

Medical Ethics
We look after patients medical and ethical issues competently giving them comfort and ease while they stay in ER.



Sr.# Name Designation Qualification
1. Dr. Zunairah Rais Consultant FCPS
2. Dr. Furqan Ali Siddiqui Consultant FRCS (Eng), FRCSI (Ire)
3. Dr. Shaesta Tabassum Consultant FCPS


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