Established in 1996 as the country's pioneer Skills Lab, the Research and Skills Development Centre (RSDC) at Liaquat National Hospital has steadily evolved into an independent and esteemed learning facility. In 2004, the centre reached a milestone by establishing itself with a dedicated staff and budget to work towards research and professional development of students and health practitioners.

Recognizing the importance of progress, the facility underwent significant expansion in 2012, moving to a purpose-built Clinical Simulation Facility, multifold larger than its initial size. The facility emphasizes customization and participant convenience, offering tailored training programs to meet specific needs.

The Research and Skills Development Centre collaborates with external institutes and organizations through a dedicated full-time team of certified instructors. This ensures high-quality training experiences for all participants. This state-of-the-art facility provides an immersive and realistic environment for comprehensive training.

The Research and Skills Development Centre at Liaquat National Hospital stands as a beacon of lifesaving expertise, empowering individuals with critical knowledge and skills to make a significant impact in the medical field.

Certifications and Accreditations

In 2018 the centre achieved a remarkable feat by earning accreditation from the prestigious American Heart Association (AHA), becoming their International Training Centre. This recognition showcases the centrr's unwavering dedication to providing certified life-saving skills training at the highest standards.

Furthermore, the Research and Skills Development Centre proudly holds individual certification since 2012 lately by ISO 9001-2015. The centre diligently adheres to international standards and continually researches and updates its training methodologies to remain at the forefront of knowledge.


  • Emergency Cardiovascular Care Skills (Our Mandate)
  • Basic Clinical and Surgical Skills for medical interns and trainees
  • Undergraduate Skills for medical and allied health students
  • Skills for allied health professionals, technicians and OPD attendants
  • First Responders Skills (including non-healthcare, corporate and community)
  • Soft Skills for everyone
  • Onsite trainings
  • Training Sites Development
  • Training of the Trainers
  • Mock Drills
  • Summer Activity for Juniors (For Secondary School Children)


RSDC is comprised of simulated operation theatre, wet lab, tissue lab, computer lab and learning/ convening spaces and includes the following facilities:

Well-Equipped Training Facilities

It is a fully equipped with a diverse range of specialized basic and advanced training mannequins and instruments to provide participants with comprehensive hands-on learning experiences. The spacious area enables the centre to accommodate over 125 participants at a time for effective and dynamic training sessions. Environment Meters are regulating the temperature and humidity across the centre. Fire Extinguishers are installed in the facility at proper intervals. There is a safe Emergency Exit from the Building.

Spacious and Interactive Classrooms

To facilitate small group learning and interactive discussions, RSDC offers four classrooms with U-shaped seating arrangements. These classrooms are equipped with multimedia projection, proper audiovisual aids with excellent sound systems to enhance the learning experience and professional skills development for participants.

Computer Lab with Accessory Setup

Participants have access to a dedicated computer lab, featuring desktop PCs with all necessary accessories. This computer lab provides a conducive environment for participants to enhance their practical skills and knowledge using various software and applications.

Simulated Operation Theatre

For specialized workshops and practical training sessions, Research and Skills Development Centre offers a simulated Operation Theatre with a simulated scrub Area. Equipped with real anaesthesia machines, suction machines, Diathermy, OT lights, OT table, and dissection table, participants gain hands-on experience in a realistic setting.

Practical Tissue Lab

To further augment practical skills, the department provides a tissue lab with workstations designed for practice on human/animal tissue. This facility empowers participants to refine their techniques and gain confidence in performing essential medical procedures.


Dr. Kahkashan Tahir

Head of Department & Senior Manager MBBS, PGDPA, MAS, CHPE, CSEP

Mr. Ahmad Ali

Chief Instructor II,

Select the course from the list available online. Submit the filled registration forms along with the copy of CNIC or employee/student card and payment receipt.
Registration form can be obtained from the RSDC during working hours. For further information, please contact RSDC.

Fee shall be paid in cash at the Main Cash Department of LNH. However, there is also a provision to submit the fee online. Here are the details:

Bank: Allied Bank Limited
Bank Branch: Liaquat National Hospital Branch Karachi
Title of Account: Liaquat National Hospital
Branch Code: 0990
Account no. 0010005030330100
IBAN: PK58 ABPA 0010005030330100
Phone no. 021-34140125-126
Most of the courses are offered for healthcare practitioners and students. The First Aid and CPR courses though are available for general public and lay men as well. The non-healthcare professionals and students may also get benefit from them.
The courses are offered in line with the scope of practice of the applicants.
RSDC is a fully equipped and developed resource centre with a whole team of dedicated staff for this purpose, including specialized and trained instructors. Customized courses may be offered depending on the availability of the resources.
Liaquat National Hospital and Medical College is an accredited International Training Centre (ITC) of American Heart Association (AHA) and RSDC is the authorized centre to provide the services. Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider (BLS for HCP), Heartsaver First Aid with CPR & Automated External Defibrillator (HSFA CPR AED) course and Friends & Family (F&F) CPR courses are accredited with American Heart Association. A certificate from American Heart Association (AHA) is provided upon successful completion of the relevant course.
Usually, the successful participants of the courses are awarded with the completion certificates of two years validity. Though, there are some courses which do not have a conditional validity.
For renewal of the courses especially the BLS and ACLS, the candidates should apply at least a month before the date of expiry date of the previous certification.
The basic workshops take almost a full day to complete. The advanced courses may be of two to three full days.
The courses are conducted within RSDC premises, inside the purposely-built classrooms with learning stations equipped with mannequins and proper accessories.
RSDC timings are 8 am to 4 pm from Monday through Friday with Half day i.e. 8 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.
Yes. The dates of choice can be given if registration is applied in groups.

Contact Information

Please call us on 021-34412437 & 021-34412697