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Health Information Management Services

Health Information Management Services aim to provide easy access to health records.We diligently maintain patients’ records using modern file tracking systems. We collaborate with the Release of Information unit to allow patients to access and withdraw their health records. We work consciously to maintain our patients’ privacy by controlled access to confidential patient information. Our quality of work and turnaround time is regularly monitored to ensure client satisfaction.


Besides maintaining health records, HIMS also facilitates the following services:

  • Duplicate Birth Report
  • Duplicate Death Report
  • Duplicate Discharge
  • Insurance claim verifications
  • Issuance of Clinical summaries
  • Verification of Hospital Bills
  • Admission Certificate (Non Clinical)
  • Emergency Certificate (Non Clinical)

Contact Information

Please call us on 021-34412432, 021-34412089 & 021-34412318.