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Department of Social Services

The Department of Social Services at Liaquat National Hospital works vigilantly with the patients to assist and help them in solving their financial and social problems.


Socio-Economic Assistance

A team of qualified, trained and experienced social services officers, counsel and guide patients about their social problems affecting care and recovery. The department keeps in view the paying capacity of the patients in need. Deserving patients are provided with financial support in various cases. On an average a well over 100 patient approach welfare for assistance on daily basis.

Social and Supportive Counseling

A patient who is satisfied with the hospital services is the main aim of The Social Services Department. Meetings are arranged among the patients, their attendants, doctors and the nursing staff to help towards patient’s smooth recovery.

Family Counseling:

At LNH, we understand that our patients come from a diverse background. Therefore, keeping this in mind, our medical social workers work not only with patients but also make sure that their families are well counseled and updated with their patient’s situation.

The Welfare aims to
  • Handle affairs of needy patients without discrimination.
  • Help needy patients receive subsidized medical care of same quality as received by paying patients.
  • Assess the financial needs of patients with interviews and structured assessment tools in line with hospital welfare policies.

How to Donate

You can be a part of the welfare process by donating generously for the poor and needy patients. Contact on the mentioned phone numbers for further details.

Contact information

Please call us on 021-34412603 & 021-34412955.