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About Us

Welcome to Liaquat National Hospital!

Every day thousands of people enter the gates of Liaquat National Hospital (LNH) seeking medical attention for themselves or their loved ones. With an undying commitment to excellence that meets international standards, regulations and quality systems, we make sure that the patient’s needs are met satisfactorily under a single roof. Liaquat National Hospital is located in the center of the bustling city of Karachi near the National Cricket Stadium. Owing to this unique location LNH has easy access from all quadrants of the city.

LNH was conceived in 1950 by Syed Wajid Ali Shah and his associates and officially inaugurated in 1958 as a not-for-profit organization with a vision to provide quality healthcare at an affordable cost to all socioeconomic classes. Over the years, the hospital has evolved to become the largest tertiary care hospital in the country with more than 700 beds. We also have the largest number of ICU beds and ventilators in the city. The hospital excels in all facets of medicine, surgery, diagnostics and medical support services. LNH houses more than 35 specialties. Considering patient’s care as priority, we provide 24 hour emergency services, acute care, inpatient, outpatient and day care facilities not only to the city but also to patients from the far reaching corners of Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab.

LNH has pioneered in a number of specialties such as breast surgery, hand surgery, arthroscopy and LASIK. We are also developing other sub-specialties like Paediatric Development Unit, Sports Injury Unit, Geriatric medicine, Paediatric Cardiology and Colchlear implant procedure. These disciplines are headed by highly specialized and trained doctors. Liaquat National Hospital is renowned for its post graduate training and fellowships in multiple surgical and medical specialties and subspecialties. We have a close affiliation with College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan. We also enjoy the privilege of being a principal teaching hospital recognized by the different Royal Colleges of the United Kingdom, Scotland and Ireland.

We take pride in the fact that we serve with compassion, empathy and utmost care in case of any emergencies, accidents or calamities that occur in the city. We believe that anyone and everyone who needs medical attention is our concern. The doors of Liaquat National Hospital are ever welcoming to those in need. Affordable consultation and treatment along with the latest facilities and availability of social welfare services for financial sponsorship has earned LNH the name of “The Last Resort” for patients both locally and nationally.

Vision, Mission and Core Values


  • To be a leading patient care services provider in the country and a pioneer in healthcare education.
  • To be a quality healthcare provider to all individuals and excel in medical education.
  • We inspire to be the first choice for medical care and a pioneer in healthcare education.
  • To bring the best in healthcare and health education.
  • To excel in healthcare services in timely and competent manner and produce the best healthcare professionals.


  • Liaquat National Hospital is:
    • A non commercial and non-profit organization.
    • Open to everyone and affordable to all.
    • A forum for academics and research.
    • A provider of quality medical diagnosis and care.
  • We offer affordable and quality medical diagnosis and treatment to all and provide an intellectual forum for academics and research.

Core Values

  • Focus on quality, compassion, excellence in health care, education, research and career is fundamental to the ideology and practice of our organization.
  • We pursue integrity, show respect, maintain professional development and support team work.

Governing Body

Mr. Syed Shahid Ali


Mr. Muhammad Ali Humayun Hanif


Mr. Syed Salim Abbas Jilani


Lt. Gen. (R) Syed Abdul Ahad Najmi


Mr. Ashraf Jahangir Qazi


Mr. Sajid Zahid


Mr. Syed Shabbar Zaidi


Mrs. Spenta Captain Kandawala


Mr. Ejaz Ahed


Mr. Syed Sheharyar Ali


Mr. Syed Mohammad Ali Shah Jamote


Mrs. Nasreen H. Askari


Mr. Abbas Khan


Brig. (R) Rustom Darrah


Mr. Asif Qadir


Lt. Gen. (R) Sikandar Afzal


Mr. Shahid Kardar


Major General (R) Nadir Zeb


Mr. Haseeb Shafique


Lt. Gen. (R) Syed Sabahat Hussain


Ms. Maheen Khan


Dr. Pervez Ashraf

Member & Chairman Faculty

Our Administration

Prof. Dr. Salman Faridi
Medical Director

Brig. Dr. Syed Naseem Ahmed
Director - Administration
Mr. Akberally Amirally
Director - Finance

Administrative Management

Mr. Raheel Minhas
  • Chief Internal Auditor

Dr. Saleha Anwar
  • Assistant Medical Director

Brig. Dr. Anwer Ali Khan
  • Controller Nursing, Administration

Mr. Syed Hassan Abbas
  • General Manager, Rehabilitation Services

Dr. Kashif Ahmed  Khan
  • General Manager, Administration, Operation Theatres and Ward Administration

Dr. Haroon Memon
  • General Manager, Billing and Recovery

Ms. Kiran Akhtar
  • General Manager, Administration, Outpatient Services and Radiology

Major (R) Nadeem Ahmed Raja
  • Sr. Manager, Security

Mr. Mohammad Waseemullah Khan Qadri
  • Sr. Manager, Electrical Engineering

Mr. Muhammad Hammad Aijaz
  • Sr. Manager, Quality Assurance

Mr. Muhammad Ikhlaq Mansuri
  • Sr. Manager ,Budgeting & Costing

Mr. Muhammad Ilyas
  • Sr. Manager Purchase

Mr. Muhammad Saeed Khan
  • Sr. Manager, Legal Affairs, HIMS & CSR

Mr. Muhammad Nawaz
  • Sr. Manager, Civil Engineering

Dr. Kahkashan Tahir
  • Sr. Manager, Research & Skills Development Centre

Mr. S. Aqeel Haider Kazmi
  • Sr. Manager, Social Services

Ms. Shazia Ishaq
  • Sr. Manager, Administration, Printing & Publications and Office Services

Mr. Syed Bashir Ali Shah
  • Sr. Manager, Housekeeping (Clinical) & Nutrition & Food Services

Ms. Samina Iqbal Kanji
  • Chief Nursing Officer

Mr. Fareed  Ahmed
  • Manager, Corporate Recovery, Billing

Dr. Fareeha Jawed Masudi
  • Manager, Corporate IP Billing

Ms. Ghazala Ghayas
  • Manager, Inventory

Mr. Haris Aziz Siddiqui
  • Manager Pharmacy Operations

Mr. Irfan Hashim
  • Manager, Employee Relations, HR

Ms. Mehreen Asif
  • Manager, Accident and Emergency & Patient Admissions

Mr. Mohammed Arshad Malik
  • Manager, Purchase

Mr. Muhammad Ikram Elahi
  • Manager, Accounts

Mr. Muhammad Junaid Khan
  • Manager, Telecommunication

Mr. Muhammad Younus Farooqui
  • Manager, Cash

Ms. Samreen Shahnawaz
  • Manager, Internal Audit

Mr. Syed Ali Mohammad
  • Manager, Lab Reception

Mr. Syed Imran Shabih Kazmi
  • Manager, Inventory

Mr. Syed Shahid Ali
  • Manager, Accounts

Mr. Syed Wadood Ziai
  • Manager Network and Infrastructure, IT

Ms. Syyeda Rubab Jafri
  • Manager, Marketing & Media Affairs

Mr. Taufiq Mohiuddin
  • Manager, Corporate Recovery, Billing

Mr. Waqar Anwar Siddiqui
  • Manager, Corporate Recovery, Billing

Mr. Waqas Ahmed
  • Manager, Software Development, IT

Mr. Wasim Abbas
  • Manager, Corporate Receivables

Mr. Zafaryab Ali
  • Manager, ERP, IT

Ms. Ambreen Khowaja
  • Section Head Clinical Nursing

Mr. Atiq-Ur-Rehman
  • Section Head Clinical Nursing

Mr. Shehzada Charles
  • Section Head Clinical Nursing

Ms. Laila Aziz Rahimi
  • Section Head Nursing Administration

Mr. Muhammad Sadiq Hussain
  • Section Head Nursing Administration

Ms. Zohra  Javed
  • Section Head Nursing Education Services

Ms. Farina Parekh
  • Deputy Manager, Printing, Stationary & Publications

Ms. Rabia Nazar
  • Deputy Manager, Health Information Management Services

Duty Administrators

Mr. Syed Amjad Ali Rizvi
  • Administrator Evening Services

Mr. Mohammad Niazuddin
  • Senior Duty Administrator

Mr. Mohammad Rashid Saleem
  • Senior Duty Administrator