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Nursing Services

LNH Nursing has come a long way in recent years in upholding the prestige of nursing profession. We are contributing very positively in our journey of providing quality care to all our clientele and to our Institutional vision and aspiration of becoming a Quality brand in health care industry, second to none.
With the ever increasing dimension of medical sciences quantitatively and qualitatively nursing care is becoming more and more complex with its management services. At LNH, nurses are trained in different specialties to meet the needs of individual patients.

Important Features

Nursing Quality Management System includes nursing internal audits to address continuous quality improvement aspects of daily operations.
Nursing Performance Indicators are the yard sticks that not only reveal improvements of the specific area but also help in finding the gaps to take corrective and preventive actions for department’s incremental growth.
Nursing is becoming a more technologically advanced and challenging profession and to meet that criteria, inhouse nursing training & development program under the roof of Nursing Education Services in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams (sub specialties) has been established.

Continuous Professional Development

All LNH nurses are required to undergo annual training in the following modalities.

  • General nursing
  • Maternal and child health nursing
  • Critical care nursing

Following Training/Courses are a regular feature of continuous nursing training:
  • Course on Neonatology
  • Workshop on Effective Communication skills
  • NES refresher course
  • Oxygen therapy Workshop
  • Critical care course conducted in collaboration with Critical Care Department
  • Workshop on stoma care
  • Symposium on orthopedics nursing
  • Workshop on trauma care
  • Workshop on early warning signs
  • Workshop on IV Cannulation