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Department of Radiology & Imaging

The Department of Radiology and Imaging is at the forefront of innovation and advancement, providing premium quality imaging services to the patients. It is a highly advanced, full service department which strives to meet all patients’ and clinicians’ need in diagnostic imaging and Image-guided therapies.

The department pioneered the era of high tech imaging by being the first hospital in the country to introduce CT imaging in the year 1984. Diagnosis at an earlier stage is proven to be life saving for patients suffering from dangerous diseases such as cancer.

The Radiology department offers a wide range of non-invasive and interventional radiological services. Specialized consultants work to deliver prompt and conclusive reports. Radiology has a full range of diagnostic scanners and a team of skillful technicians and clinical radiologists.


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ayub Mansoor
Head of Department

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Prof. Dr. Saleha Anwar

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Dr. Bushra Shamim
Associate Professor

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Dr. Muhammad Misbah Tahir
Associate Professor

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Dr. Sadaf Nasir
Associate Professor

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Dr. Rizwan Ajmal
Assistant Professor

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Dr. Asif Mateen
Assistant Professor

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Dr. Jawaid Iqbal
Assistant Professor

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Dr. Danial Khalid Siddiqui

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Neuro Interventional Radiology
CT scan

Radiologists can more easily diagnose diseases such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, appendicitis, trauma and skeletal disorders via Computed Tomography (CT) scanner that provides uncompromised image quality and outstanding clinical performance.


At Department of Radiology, services offered include: Screening Mammography, diagnostic mammography, Biopsy and needle localization. We have digital mammography machine which increases the sensitivity of mammogram in early detection of carcinoma with reduced radiation. Mammogram is usually followed by ultra-sound in cases of dense breast. We have a dedicated women-imaging unit where only female staff caters to female patients.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is a specialized service of Department of Radiology that utilizes radioactive material to access the function of organs or systems within the body. The Nuclear Medicine Department offers diagnostic as well as therapeutic procedures. These unique images provide information that often cannot be obtained using other imaging procedures and offers the ability to identify disease in early stages.

Bone scans are being done for detection of stress fractures, tumors, metastasis, and osteomyelitis. Lung perfusion studies, renal scan including DMSA, DTPA and MAG3, Thyroid and parathyroid scan, Meckle’s and RBC scans are also being done on routine basis. Whole body scan and sentinel lymph node scans are also done for cancer staging. The department also provides services for radio ablation therapy for thyroid diseases and a number of other studies are also being conducted including Thallium scan and H.I.D.A scan.

Sonography (Ultrasound)

Our radiology department is providing expertise in a wide range of Ultrasound including, abdomen, pelvis, antenatal, musculoskeletal, renal, thyroid, neck, small parts including orbit and small joints. All Doppler studies include varicose veins, AV fistula and ultrasound breast are performed.

Biplane Angiography

We have state of art biplane angiography machine with advanced softwares. It is ideal for endovascular diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders like cerebral aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations and ischemic stroke. Besides neurointervention it is also well suited for treatment of complex procedures in peripheral intervention as it has the ability to produce 3D images .It’s advanced software has the ability of functional analysis of blood vessels in keeping with most advanced development. It gives operator an edge over single plane machines in performing interventional procedures.

Interventional Radiology

This service is used to diagnose or treat pathology with the most minimally invasive techniques possible. By minimizing the physical trauma to the patient, peripheral interventions can reduce infection rates and recovery time.
Common IR procedures offered at LNH:

  • • Fluid and Abscess drainages with needle or through drainage catheters
  • • Fine needle aspiration
  • • Biopsies under ultrasound and CT guidance
  • • Percutaneous Nephrology (PCN)
  • • Antegrade DJ stenting for obstructive uropathies
  • • Percutaneous cholecystostomy
  • • Percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage and stenting
  • • Diagnostic Peripheral Angiography
  • • Vascular stenting and Angioplasties
  • • Angio Embolization
  • • Transarterial chemo embolisation for hepatoma (TACE)
  • • Uterine artery embolisation
  • • Diagnostic angiographies
  • • Angiofibroma embolization
  • • Mesenteric Angiography and embolisation for gastrointestinal bleeding
  • • Mesenteric stenting for bowel disorder
  • • Permanent Dialysis catheters
  • • PICC and central lines
  • • Peripherally inserted central catheters and central lines
  • • Renal artery and stenting Angioplasty
  • • Tumor embolization
  • • TIPS (Transjugular intrahepatic Portosystemic shunting)
  • • Abdominal and Thoracic aortic stenting


We are providing all the basic MRI scans and specialized studies which include Diffusion MRI, Fluid Attenuated Inversion Recovery (FLAIR), Magnetic resonance angiography, MRCP, MRI Liver, MRI abdomen, MRI prostate, MR spectroscopy, MRI IAMs, CSF cineflow study, MRI for brachial plexus, MRI breast, and MRI for trigeminal neuralgia and many more.


  • RFA for varicose vein
  • RFA and Microwave ablation for hepatoma and metastasis


All routine X-rays such as bone and chest X-rays do not require appointments and walk-in service is provided round the clock. Special X-ray procedures like Fluoroscopy exams require a scheduled appointment including, Barium swallow, Barium meal, Barium enema, Hysterosalpinogram, IVP, skeletal survey, small bowel studies, MCUG, uretherograms, fistulograms and sinograms, etc.

Education and Training

We offer postgraduate training program for FCPS in Diagnostic Radiology, recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. We also actively participate in research conferences to keep up with advancements in the field of radiology.

Contact information

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